Data Breach

Hi folks, I was alerted today that whatever password you used when you set up an account at the website I built,, was found in a leak of 23,000 other databases. If you used that password anywhere else, you should change it immediately. I’m also going to take the site offline until I can resolve the security issue.

My hope is that you folks are using password managers, using distinct passwords, and changing them regularly, but I realize this will be a hassle for many of you and I’m very sorry for that.

Dan Meyer

2020 Nov 23. I’m going to set the site to read-only mode. You can still check out any pages, visuals, etc, but anything that requires a log-in isn’t going to work. Eventually, I’ll migrate this site to somewhere more secure, with a more secure login system. Please send me an email if you need anything specific that requires a login and I’ll try to accommodate you.